Scary Tales 4: That Malicious Storm

Book Four of The Scary Tales
THAT MALICIOUS STORM: A Scary Tale of Beauty & the Phantom

It’s easy keeping secrets when you don’t have a tongue. The mute dwarf Dim has lived many lives, yet somehow he always ends up alone. Once upon a time, he traveled with a band of thieves. When an ill-fated affair went sour, Dim was left disfigured and broken. He became the Phantom, a masked figure haunting the catacombs beneath the capital city of Platessa. Fate would introduce him to the Eastern Kingdom’s new queen, the brilliant, enchanting Bella.

Their burgeoning romance was a tale as old as time—and it ended in tragedy.

Now amidst a zombie plague, Dim returns to Platessa with a motley band of companions. The lovesick dwarf Grouchy. The ferocious werewolf Red. The treacherous Queen Adara. Together, they must find a cure for the zombie curse before the monsters overrun the entire city. Amidst the carnage rises the most lethal threat yet, a demented amalgamation of the corpses of queens past—Cinderella, Rapunzel, Briar Rose, Thousandfurs, and Dim’s own beloved Bella. Dim’s past has finally come back to haunt him beneath the relentless onslaught of That Malicious Storm . . .

The Scary Tales is the perfect series for lovers of fairy tales, fans of zombie horror, and anyone that enjoys an epic fantasy adventure.

Now available in ebook and paperback!

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