Scary Tales 3: That Ravenous Moon

That Ravenous Moon Cover

Book Three of the Scary Tales
THAT RAVENOUS MOON: A Scary Tale of Red Riding Hood & Werewolves

As the Scary Tales saga continues, Snow’s zombie curse grows all the more powerful—and unpredictable. The poisoned sky pours cursed rain, and the dead now rise from their graves as skeletal monsters.

For Grouchy to cure his true love, Snow, and stop her horrible curse, he and his motley band of survivors must reach the capital city of Platessa ahead of Snow’s zombie horde. But when Grouchy and his companions seek refuge in a remote cottage, they discover a big bad wolf named Kane and an orphaned girl named Red. By the moon’s light, Red and Kane meet each other halfway between human and wolf to become vicious werewolves.

With the future of the land hanging in the balance, Grouchy and his crew cannot fail, but they soon learn that Snow’s curse runs deeper than anyone could have imagined—and shares a mysterious origin with the werewolves . . .

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