Scary Tales 9: That Dreadful Tower

Book 9 of The Scary Tales
THAT DREADFUL TOWER: A Scary Tale of Rapunzel & the Monster’s Bride

Rapunzel only ever wanted to live a normal life. After her cursed brother murdered her parents, she grew up in an isolated tower as the adopted daughter of a scheming witch. The same cruel magic that had transformed her brother into a relentless killer granted her long, blond tresses with immeasurable power. Yet her treacherous adopted mother raised her to fear the outside world. Rapunzel remained hidden in that tower until King Francis rescued her and made her his Queen. Unfortunately, her homicidal brother ensured that her reign was all too brief.

If Rapunzel lets down her hair again, what suffering might she endure?

Now, King Francis, through his ego and arrogance, has unleashed a wicked curse upon the Land. A demented Monster of his own creation has engineered a massive army of rabid zombies and other ominous abominations. The dark forces have decimated two kingdoms. Another of Francis’s wives, the formerly evil Queen Adara and her werewolf companion, Red, lead a rag-tag crew of allies through the remaining Western Kingdom in a desperate attempt to save humanity. Along the way, they find an unlikely ally in the Monster’s reanimated Bride. What terrible secrets connect the Bride to Rapunzel’s tragic past? To learn the shocking truth, Adara and her friends must dare to enter That Dreadful Tower . . .

The Scary Tales is the perfect series for lovers of fairy tales, fans of zombie horror, and anyone that enjoys an epic fantasy adventure.

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