Scary Tales Series

The Scary Tales is back!

I’m currently working on THE SCARY TALES, a fairy tale of monstrous proportions. The series’ original publisher has gone out of business, but I have regained the rights and am re-releasing the original books soon plus the final books of the series.

This dark fantasy series features mash-ups of traditional fairy tale characters and classic horror monsters. Think Lord of the Rings meets The Walking Dead, with a twist of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

By the time THE SCARY TALES series ends, it will incorporate dozens of fairy tales and all of the primary monsters from the timeless Universal horror movies – plus a few other familiar creatures.

Click the links below to learn more about the books in the series…

Book One – now available!
THAT RISEN SNOW: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Zombies

Book Two – now available!
THAT WICKED APPLE: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Even More Zombies

Book Three – now available!
THAT RAVENOUS MOON: A Scary Tale of Red Riding Hood & Werewolves

Book Four – now available!
THAT MALICIOUS STORM: A Scary Tale of Beauty & the Phantom

Book Five – now available!
THAT MERCILESS TRUTH: A Scary Tale of Goldilocks & the Mummy

Book Six – now available!
THAT CROOKED MIRROR: A Scary Tale of Cinderella & the Invisible Man

Book Seven – now available!
THAT ROTTEN PUPPET: A Scary Tale of the Frog Prince & Frankenstein’s Monster

Book Eight – now available!
THAT BLOODTHIRSTY ROSE: A Scary Tale of the Rose Red & the Gilled Man

Book Nine – now available!
THAT DREADFUL TOWER: A Scary Tale of Rapunzel & the Monster’s Bride

Book Ten – coming in 2023!
THAT DIABOLICAL POTION: A Scary Tale of Sleeping Beauty & Mr. Hyde

Book Eleven – coming in 2023!
THAT DEATHLESS FIEND: A Scary Tale of Rumpelstiltskin & Vampires

Tie-In Coloring Book – available exclusively on Amazon
THAT NAUGHTY PIPE: A Scary Tale of the Pied Piper and Gremlins

Watch the official That Risen Snow book trailer below!


“A deliciously dark companion to the Grimm’s fairy tale, That Risen Snow banishes happily ever after from the start.  Walt Disney by way of The Walking Dead.“

—Jerry Gordon, editor of Dark Faith and Streets of Shadows

“Boley didn’t do a single thing in his series halfway.  His world is a fully realized landscape with a rich history, language, class system, and religion all its own, and while the story centers around Snow and the hellish army of zombies she creates in her wake, there is so much more to discover within the covers of these books . . . One of my favorite facets of Scary Tales is that unlike its fairy tale predecessors, not a single one of the characters can be characterized as completely good or bad.  They are flawed and their flaws make them all the more relatable to the reader.“

—Waylon Jordon,

“If you enjoy zombie stories and the re-envisioned fairytales of Gregory Maquire (Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West) and Jim C. Hines (Goblin Quest), you’re going to love this inspired reworking of the Snow White story. Hilarious, thrilling, terrifying, and amazingly inventive – The Risen Snow considers what might have been if Snow White had returned to life as a flesh-eating zombie. Clearly, Rob E. Boley is a writer to watch . . . and his Scary Tales Books (of which this is the first) should be required reading for lovers of fantasy and horror.”

—Lawrence C. Connolly, author of the Veins Cycle Books – Vein, Vipers, and Vortex.

“Part delicious dream, part nightmare, That Risen Snow is an aberrant fairytale that is just as much a horror story. Boley has a knack for dark comedy and witty prose, and he blends it with a nearly-hardboiled voice uncharacteristic of (and therefore pleasantly unique in) dark fantasy fiction. It’s a story you’ll want to tear ass through but will equally want to slow down for, so you can savor the prose.”

—Brady Allen, author of Back Roads & Frontal Lobes

“In 1912, the Brothers Grimm published an old Geman fairy tale they titled Snow White. Little did they know that a guy named Rob Boley would come along a hundred years later to reveal the ‘true’ and adult story of Ms. White, or ‘Snow’ as she was known in real life… No one could have possibly foreseen what would become of Snow in the hands of a diabolical, maniacal imagination like Boley’s… Such a nice boy… with such a fevered mind. Read this with the lights on and a baseball bat or shotgun handy… you’re gonna be glad you did. This is a Snow White you ain’t gonna find in the middle school library… Get it, read it, and try to keep the screaming down.”

—Les Edgerton, author of Hooked, Just Like That, and The Bitch

“The perfect antidote to the saccharine-tainted adaptations you grew up with. Grimmer than Grimm, madder than a sack of honey badgers, Boley’s first Scary Tale starts at breakneck speed and doesn’t ease up until a conclusion that leaves you gagging for more. Rob E. Boley demonstrates a refreshingly assured talent for word play and world building. Every character is fully developed, which proves heartbreaking when they fall beneath the fetid gnashing of the Horrors, and it is no small achievement that Boley manages to make the story darkly amusing, breathtakingly horrific and insanely enjoyable with such a skilled economy of word.”

—Neil Baker, owner and editor of April Moon Books

“That Risen Snow and That Wicked Apple make a deliciously diabolical tale—part Walking Dead, part turned-on-its-ear fairy tale. Rob E. Boley strikes the perfect balance of depth, drama, and dark humor to keep readers devouring the pages and leave them hungering for more.”

—Linda Gerber, author of the Death By Bikini Mysteries