FORT cover

Coming in 2020 from Bloodshot Books, a brand new novel from author Rob E. Boley . . . 

It’s been four years since the introduction of the GAG virus, a pandemic that strips the consciousness from its host body and transforms innocent people into belligerent ghosts and rabid monsters. Most of humanity is now infected. Civilization has fallen. Teenaged, agoraphobic Abbey knows none of this. Near the remains of Cleveland, Ohio, she and her father have survived the apocalypse thus far living in a fragile refuge of fantasy and denial…a blanket fort.

When Abbey’s father dies under suspicious circumstances, his unhinged spirit reveals to Abbey that the world Outside is a wasteland populated by rampaging creatures, demented phantoms, and merciless scavengers. He also lets slip crippling truths about their family’s past, unaware that Abbey has secrets of her own. Now, she must find the courage to defend her beloved Fort from her father’s undead corpse, from the ruthless stranger who murdered him, and from creatures more terrifying than anything she has ever imagined. Her father’s increasingly unreliable ghost recruits a lone drifter named Survivor Girl to help, but Survivor Girl’s true motives remain cloaked in mystery.

FORT is a fast-paced survivor story populated by bizarre twists and horrific creations. This demented tale explores the burden of secrets and the pain of truth. When the world falls apart, do we dare to survive alone? Can we risk befriending companions? The answers are lurking inside…FORT.