Scary Tales 7: That Rotten Puppet

THAT ROTTEN PUPPET: A Scary Tale of the Frog Prince & Frankenstein’s Monster

Darkness has fallen across the Land. The not-so-evil queen Adara, the werewolf Red, and their motley crew of allies have suffered their most terrible defeat yet. Snow White’s cursed army of zombies and creatures have decimated the capital city of Aspire. Still reeling from the deaths of several companions, the remaining survivors now must now race toward the borders of the Western Kingdom in a desperate bid to stop Snow.

Along the way, they learn the horrific origin of Snow’s terrible curse—a powerful yet tragic monster intent on seeking revenge against its selfish creator, King Francis, and all of humanity. Meanwhile, a group of sadistic Ascendio soldiers captures the allies, believing them to be responsible for the collapse of their kingdom.

Yet even darker forces conspire against Adara and her fellow survivors. Snow has conjured werewolf-zombie hybrids known as Horrorhounds to pursue them. As well, the invisible man known as Coyn and the murderous Hepo—now a werewolf—emerge from the ashes of Aspire to seek vengeance of their own.