Scary Tales 5: That Merciless Truth

That Merciless Truth Cover

Book Five of The Scary Tales
THAT MERCILESS TRUTH: A Scary Tale of Goldilocks & the Mummy

As the Scary Tales saga continues, Snow White’s gruesome army of zombies and monsters invades the Ascendio Kingdom. One kingdom has already perished. Snow’s curse has claimed thousands of victims.

Our heroes face their darkest hour. Snow’s Creeper Queen has left Queen Adara crippled and stranded in a remote forest. The dwarf Grouchy and his companions are now prisoners of the pirate Mullmin, a former gypsy who shares a horrific past with the dwarf Dim. Their only hope is Grouchy’s estranged father and his mysterious companion Goldenlocks, a female dwarf with ancient and horrifying origins.

Meanwhile, Adara fights her way through the blighted landscape and learns more about Snow’s tragic past—and about her terrifying plans for the Ascendio Kingdom. But as Adara’s bond with the cursed Snow intensifies, how much longer before Snow’s madness consumes the Queen once and for all?

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