The Body Will Follow

Coming in 2020 from Silver Shamrock Publishing, a brand new novella from author Rob E. Boley . . .

When Carrie reclaims her body after months of being possessed by a hedonistic gang of dark spirits, life as she knew it is over. Before the possession, she was a thirty-something data analyst in Dayton, Ohio who enjoyed cooking vegetarian meals, decorating her vintage home, and training for marathons. She had her life under control. Now after spirits have taken her body for a debaucherous joy ride, she’s lost her savings and her career. Because of her horrible actions while possessed, her friends and family have all but abandoned her. She’s homeless and sick and wanted by the police for various crimes.    

That’s not all that’s changed. She can now see ghosts and communicate with the other side, only these aren’t the ghosts she’s known from books and movies. These stranded souls are at the mercy of the physical world, where blades of grass can stab their feet and rain drops can riddle their astral bodies like bullets. She soon befriends Daniel, who first met her during an ill-fated one night stand when she was possessed. During their brief time together, her possessed self tied up Daniel, an experience that he found surprisingly enjoyable. Now, they practice bondage to explore their untapped needs and get in touch with their true selves.

Just as Carrie is regaining control of her life, she discovers that dark spirits have possessed a new victim. She must risk everything she’s rebuilt to save a stranger.