The Body Will Follow

The Body Will Follow

Now available from Silver Shamrock Publishing, a brand new novella by author Rob E. Boley . . .

When Carrie reclaims her body after being possessed by a hedonistic gang of dark spirits, life as she knew it is over. Before, she was a thirty-something data analyst who enjoyed preparing vegetarian meals, decorating her vintage home, and training for marathons. Now, she’s lost everything—her savings, friends, career, and reputation. The police want to question her for an array of crimes. Homeless and diseased, she’s also the star of her own mortifying viral video.

That’s not all that’s changed. She can now see ghosts, though not the traditional specters from books and films. These earthbound souls exist at the mercy of the physical world, where grass impales their feet and rain riddles their astral bodies like bullets. When she meets Daniel—who first encountered her body on a one night stand during the spirits’ debaucherous joy ride, they forge a friendship rooted in home-cooking and bondage. Just as Carrie finds a new normal, she discovers that sinister spirits have possessed another victim.

Will she risk everything she’s rebuilt to save a stranger?

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“The exorcisms, the talismans, the hauntings…Boley, for me, has changed the game for demonic possession in horror.” — Grimm Deathwish, (read the full review here!)

“A spectral smorgasbord, THE BODY WILL FOLLOW is a vivid journey of debauchery, death, and, ultimately, of forgiveness. With sharp unflinching prose, Boley establishes himself as an author of note.” — Lee Murray, award-winning author of INTO THE ASHES

“THE BODY WILL FOLLOW offers an energetic, fresh tale of demonic possession and the redemption that follows.” — Craig DiLouie, author of THE CHILDREN OF RED PEAK

“THE BODY WILL FOLLOW is a different kind of ghost story, at turns disturbing and sardonic, but always wicked fun. Buckle up, because this one slams the pedal through the floor and rips the asphalt to shreds behind it.” — Brad C. Hodson, author of DARLING

“With THE BODY WILL FOLLOW Boley has crafted a refreshingly unique tale of possession, redemption, and no small amount of bondage in a novella that is as hilarious as it is unnerving.” — Waylon Jordan,