That Naughty Pipe Coloring Book


Coming Soon: A Special Scary Tales tie-in Coloring Book . . .
THAT NAUGHTY PIPE: A Scary Tale of the Pied Piper and Gremlins

Illustrated by Amy Kollar Anderson
Written by Rob E. Boley

Update: The Kickstarter Campaign for THAT NAUGHTY PIPE was a tremendous success! Please visit the KICKSTARTER PROJECT PAGE for updates, including a sneak peek of the story in progress! In conjunction with the campaign, we held two coloring contests — one local here in Dayton and one worldwide via social media. See below for details! !

My Words + Amy’s Pictures + YOUR Coloring = Awesome!

Unlike other adult coloring books, the art in our book will bring to life a brand-new dark fantasy story. This tale takes place in the fantasy world from my SCARY TALES novels and will feature a fun mash-up of the PIed Piper of Hamelin and one of my all-time favorite horror creatures–gremlins!

The story will be whimsically illustrated by Amy’s surreal aesthetics, as she marries realistic forms with decorative design elements that will be both fun and relaxing for you, the reader, to color. So that the text compliments the work, rather than clutters it, the story will be printed on the left-hand page of each spread, allowing Amy’s art to take up the entire right-hand page. The result will be seamless harmony between text and art.

By supporting the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll have the opportunity not only to buy copies of the book, but also to have your likeness — or your child’s likeness as a gremlin! — featured in the book!

Be sure to sign up for my email list (in the right-side banner on this page) for more updates. As well, check out some cool Time Lapse Teasers of the artwork in-progress via Amy’s website, where she also has a Naughty Pipe Blog. This is going to be amazing!


We had dozens of entries in our contest at Toxic Brew Company in Dayton. It was a tough job choosing the winners but these six did some amazing work:

  • Most Creative: Ellen Ballerene
  • Most Creepy: Jamie Toops
  • Best Use of Color: Jennifer Frey
  • Naughtiest Coloring: Kevin Schmidt
  • Most Gremlin Inspired: Josh Perry
  • Most Toxic: Andrew Roller

Coloring Contest Entries

Prize packs included:

  • Buttons featuring Amy’s Art
  • Signed Scary Tales Novel by Rob
  • Art Prints from Amy
  • Colorable That Naughty Pipe Posters
  • Toxic Brew Swag


For those of you outside the Dayton area, we also held an online coloring contest via social media. Congrats to Kristine VanderSchaaff for submitting the winning entry: