Scary Tales 6: That Crooked Mirror

Book Six of The Scary Tales
THAT CROOKED MIRROR: A Scary Tale of Cinderella & the Invisible Man

The royal page named Coyn has only ever been devoted to King Francis. Some might say obsessed. When Francis was a young Prince—brilliant, handsome, and arrogant, he experimented on Coyn, injecting him with mystic chemicals that ravaged his body and turned him invisible. Francis intended for Coyn to watch over his new wife, the troubled Princess Cinderella, but the invisible man had other plans. Driven mad by his condition, he concocted a devious plan to eliminate Cinderella and ensure the crowning of King Francis.

Living with murder is easy when there’s nothing reflected in the mirror.

Now, darkness has descended upon the Land. The cursed maiden Snow leads a horde of zombies and other monsters intent on consuming all of humanity. King Francis has abandoned Coyn and fled with the enchanted mirror that may be the key to stopping Snow. Coyn joins the desperate crew of survivors who’ve pledged to end her curse, though they are hardly worthy of his talents. The lovesick dwarf Grouchy. The powerless Queen Adara. The beastly werewolf Red. The long-suffering mummy Goldenlocks. The invisible man will tolerate them only long enough to find King Francis and whatever terrifying secrets await inside That Crooked Mirror . . .

The Scary Tales is the perfect series for lovers of fairy tales, fans of zombie horror, and anyone that enjoys an epic fantasy adventure.

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