Scary Tales 6: That Crooked Mirror

That Crooked Mirror CoverBook Six of the Scary Tales
THAT CROOKED MIRROR: A Scary Tale of Cinderella & the Invisible Man

As Snow White’s gruesome army of zombies and monsters grows ever stronger, the dwarf Grouchy and his band of misfit survivors have at last reunited. If they can beat Snow to the capital city of Aspire and find that crooked mirror that conjured her curse, they can end this madness once and for all.

Unfortunately, treachery awaits them in Aspire in the form of Adara’s delusional father, King Roderique; his murderous page, Hepo; and a dangerous figure from Dim’s past. To make matters worse, the journey thus far has left Grouchy and his companions scarred inside and out. Isolation threatens to drive Grouchy mad. Red’s resurrection has left her a pale shadow of her former self. And Adara can barely control the curse simmering inside her.

But perhaps the greatest threat of all rides along with them. The invisible man, Coyn, reveals his devious role in the deaths of King Francis’s first five wives—Cinderella, Briar Rose, Rapunzel, Thousandfurs, and Adara’s own sister, Bella. When the battle for Aspire begins, whose side will he be fighting on?

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