Scary Tales 10: That Diabolical Potion

book cover of that diabolical potion

Book 10 of The Scary Tales
THAT DIABOLICAL POTION: A Scary Tale of Sleeping Beauty & Mr. Hyde

For years, Briar Rose remained in cursed slumber—not peaceful sleep but endless torment at the sharp hands of a sadistic killer haunting her endless dreams. When King Francis woke her with a kiss and slayed her tormentor, Briar Rose soon became his bride. Except her life as Queen was less a dream and more a nightmare. To escape her nightly terrors, she drank an experimental potion that transformed her into a cruel man named Hyde. Her real nightmare was just beginning. She fled King Francis’s kingdom in a desperate attempt to start a new life for herself.

How can Briar Rose ever find peace, if Hyde is ever yearning for a fight?

Now, years have passed. King Francis’s arrogance has created a vengeful Monster that has unleashed a terrible curse upon all the Land. An unstoppable army of crazed zombies and wicked atrocities has decimated two kingdoms. Only the Western Kingdom remains. Two of Francis’s later wives—Rapunzel with her charmed hair and Adara with her history of wicked spells—search for the secret to defeating the Monster, yet they’ve been captured in a prison warded by dark magic. Briar Rose and her alter ego Hyde may be their lone hope for escape, but can Adara and her friends trust someone who has been consumed by That Diabolical Potion . . .

The Scary Tales is the perfect series for lovers of fairy tales, fans of zombie horror, and anyone that enjoys an epic fantasy adventure.

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