That Risen Snow Now Free on Amazon!

Darker PagesSometime last week, Amazon dropped the price of That Risen Snow ebook to FREE, probably to match the free price over on iTunes. That’s right! You can now try out the first book of The Scary Tales free of charge!

Get it now at!

No Kindle? No problem. The Kindle app is free online.

Since the ebook went on sale, it’s had over 1,000 downloads! Here are a few excerpts from some reader reviews posted recently on Amazon:

“This is a unique take on Snow White. She is not the sweet innocent fairytale character you once knew. I picked up this book, and within pages I was hooked. Also, it was nice, because Rob Boley did not break his story into tiny pieces like some Kindle authors, where you never have a satisfying story without paying for more. This is actually a decent length story. I can’t wait to read the sequel.” – Reader in Des Moines, IA

“A great take on the traditional Snow White story. Can’t wait for the second book!” –  Reader in Pendleton, SC
“It’s been a while (years), since I read a book, where I couldn’t stop reading. The combination of two well known elements melts brilliantly into a very original story, which is so compelling and imaginative, that you just HAVE to finish the book.” – Reader in Denmark
Check out That Risen Snow, now free on Amazon! And may you read happily ever after…
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