Gem City Comic Con Wrap-Up

Gem City Con Wrap-UpThis past weekend, I had the pleasure of being a guest at my very first comic show—Gem City Comic Con (GCCC). Mind you, I’ve been going to comic shows since around 1990, but this was my first time on the other side of the table.

I had an absolute blast!

A lot of friendly people stopped by my table to learn more about The Scary Tales, and I even got to meet with a few fans who’d already read some of the series. I sold way more books than I thought I would, and spread the word far and wide about my upcoming Wicked Apple Book Launch on June 4th at Eudora Brewing Company.

The main organizer of the show, Jesse Noble (a fellow Wright State University employee, by the way), did an incredible job of running the event, which is now in its TENTH YEAR.

GCCC has certainly grown over the years. It was once housed in the Student Union at Wright State, but now fills up the Nutter Center next door. Though it has expanded in size, the show has stayed rooted as a warm, local community event where everyone’s super friendly and very outgoing. Every single one of the other guests with whom I spoke praised GCCC as an ideal comic show.

And speaking of the other guests, I had some fantastic neighbors this weekend! On my left was Victor Dandridge of Vantage:Inhouse Productions. Rarely have I seen a creator who is so incredibly outgoing and personable. It was a pleasure watching him connect with fans, explain his work, and make folks laugh.

On my right was the super-talented artist Rodney Fyke out of Cincinnati, Ohio. He had a lot of awesome art for sale–fun stuff with a great sense of artistry and humor. If you ever flip the light switch in my living room, you’ll see one of his totally cool LEGO Batman lightswitch covers gracing the wall! He and his partner Tina were so kind to me over the weekend. Tina especially gave this first-timer a lot of great advice about other events and made sure to introduce me to all the right people. Rodney and Tina, thanks for being such caring neighbors! I really appreciate it!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . .

It’s time to announce the winner of last week’s special giveaway for the first signed paperback copy of THAT WICKED APPLE, due to be released in paperback at the end of April.

And the winner is:

Amy Baker!

Amy, I’ll contact you directly via email with details!

New to the list but didn’t win this week? Fear not! I give out prizes, such as signed paperbacks and free ebooks, every month. You’re bound to win something eventually!

In fact, I’ll be sending out an email to the list later this week and will raffle off a free ebook from The Scary Tales series. So, if you haven’t yet subscribed, now’s your chance! Simply enter your name and email in the form below, wait for the confirmation email, and click the link therein.

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THANKS so much for your support!

If you didn’t make it to Gem City Comic Con this past weekend, put it on your calendar for next year. You won’t want to miss it!

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