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Darker Pages LogoI like to make blank pages darker.

In that spirit, the articles here in Darker Pages are dedicated to the craft of writing. I like to think of every story as a living, breathing creature. Though every story is ultimately the author’s creation, our tales often take on lives of their own. Sometimes they haunt us. Sometimes they terrorize us. Sometimes they escape our homes and terrorize our neighbors, resulting in angry mobs with torches and pitchforks.

To beat the hell out of this metaphor, I’ve categorize these Darker Pages posts into four main categories: Bones, Guts, Flesh, and Soul. Occasionally, I also post some Flash Fiction. Sometimes, I post snazzy Giveaways or Special Promotions.

You can view the articles by category below. Thanks for reading. Write on!

Bones — or the overall structure and plot upon which your story hangs

Guts — or the chapters and scenes that muscle your story forward

Flesh — or the sentences and paragraphs that make your story irresistibly beautiful or exquisitely horrific

Soul — general thoughts, tidbits, and yammering about being an author

Flash Fiction



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